We are an anglo-italian family of travellers who have spent our holidays in many bed and breakfast's around Europe, visiting many budget B&B accommodation and housefarms. We thought we would like to share with other people the good experiences we had by travelling on the cheap and getting the opportunity of meeting many new friends and getting in contact with lots of other cultures. We decided to put part of our home at the disposal of other travellers like us on a bed and breakfast basis.

Are you looking for budget accomodations similar to the affordable and excellent Rome apartments? If yes, then continue reading to learn about our affordable lodgings here in Venice. Our budget accommodation is located only 15 mins. by bus from Venice Piazzale Roma (downtown area) and we are based in the area of Riviera Del Brenta, where all the famous palladian Villas are. Our guests will be welcomed in a pleasant, familiar environment, enjoying all the comfort and the peace of a home with a private garden. From our home you can easily reach Venice, Padua, Treviso and the Dolomites Mountains. We speak fluent english and good french.

Services: English & French speaking, a peaceful garden, Free WIFI Internet access, free bike rental, barbeque available in the garden, information and tourist advice for the area, local swimming pool at 1 km. Advice on planning historical, natural, gastronomic and folkloristic itineraries. Bus tickets are available for sale at the house. We can also organise excursions to the Riviera del Brenta and entries in the Villas, for prices please enquiry when booking or on arrival.

Cycling enthusiasts

Chris, one of the owners of the b&b has done road racing and MTB racing for other 10 years. Although no longer racing he still rides often and would be more than happy to take you around the local area of the Riviera del Brenta. We have a spare racing cycle that you could borrow for free if you can't bring your own, all we ask is you bring your cycling shoes!


A strip of land along the river Brenta, which flows from Padua to Venice: gardens and gorgeous artistic villas are the landscape of The Brenta Riviera. It is made up of districts and green spots along the ancient course of a river linking Padua to Venice. A charming trip, which enchanted poets and travellers. Memories of this land were written by Lord Byron and Goethe, and by the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, the scientist Galileo Galilei, the playwriter Carlo Goldoni. In his poem "The Divine Comedy", the great poet Dante Alighieri mentiones the city of Oriago.

The history of the Brenta Riviera began in the 15th-16th century, when rich Venetian families bought large estates and built villas where they spent the summertime and where they managed the land cultivation: they asked the best architects to design their villas and foresterie (guest houses) so gorgeous as not to miss their Grand Canal in Venice. So the Riviera del Brenta can be described as the "Grand Canal" sinked in the green of the villas parks and the countryside. The whole beauty of this land can be appreciated at its most by travelling by boat: "vaporettos" and "gondolas" in Venice Gran Canal, and the "Burchiello" and the "Battelli del Brenta" to travel down the river Brenta. The best known villas of the Riviera, departing from Malcontenta, are: Villa Foscari (by the architect Andrea Palladio); Villa Valmarana; Villa Widmann in Mira; Villa Angeli in Dolo; Villa Soranzo in Fiesso; Villa Pisani in Stra (the biggest and richest one), with frescoes by Tiepolo and Guarana, gardens and a famous labyrinth.

foto di Paolo Bonvoglia 2002

The Brenta Riviera was the ideal extension of Venice onto the mainland, almost a continuation of the lagoon city: between the 16th and 18th century it experienced a golden age which turned it into a privileged holiday resort for rich Veentian nobles. They built dozens of villas along the riverbanks, designed and decorated by masters of Italian art, visited by artists, popes, kings and men of culture, envied for their beauty, inhabited as country seats where they celebrated ritual floating processions, sumptuous dinners and festivities lasting until dawn.

The building of villas along the Riviera del Brenta began in the 15th century, when Venice extended its dominion over the mainland. Growing commercial difficulties and the the discovery of America led Venetians to invest their capital in the purchase of farmlands. The villas were built close to the riverbanks so that the gentlemen could keep their investments under personal control while taking the opportunity of a family holiday. In the 16th century villa Foscari at Malcontenta and villa Soranzo at Fiesso were built with ouside frescoes by Paolo Veronese's brother. Fashion brought then to enrich gardens with busts and baroque decorations such as in Villa Morosini in Mirano and Villa Sagredo in Vigonovo. In the 18th century Villa Widmann in Mira and Villa Pisani in Stra were built, maybe the most spectacular ones. Inside the villas there are whole cycle of paintings, mainly mythological: by Zelotti in Villa Malcontenta, by B. de Pitati in Villa Querini in Mira; by Angeli in Villa Widmann, by Tiepolo in Villa Pisani in Stra. Also the churches are interesting to visit, with their precious decorations and paintings.

Photo Villa Foscari

Villa foscari photo

foto di Paolo Bonvoglia 2002

From March to October is a great time to visit the Villa Foscari and other Ventian villas, the riverbanks are best admired from the water's edge, by boat. The Burchiello (after the name of the boat mentioned by Carlo Goldoni) which links daily Padova to Venezia, is a good occasion to enjoy the Riviera from its most natural point of view.

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