One of Europe’s most travelled cities, Venice is known to be a romantic tourist destination with its magnificent palaces, churches, winding canals, traffic-free paved streets and shops. Although the city is filled with artistic masterpieces at every nook at corner, it refuses to retire from creating world-class inspirational art. Throughout the narrow alleyways of the city, you will see chefs whipping up fancy Italian dishes on street side hotplates, artisans cutting and sewing handmade shoes and musicians playing 18th century cellos to bring back memories of old times. Venice is certainly a place you don't want to miss out on.

Getting to Venice is not all that difficult since it has connections with the rest of the Europe via sea, land and air. The international airport Marco Polo is connected to a number of direct flights to all major cities of Europe and the United States. You don't want to pay a lot of extra money on the journey though, since you should keep the maximum amount for recreational purposes once you get to Venice. You can very easily find cheap flights by doing some research. You can compare cheap airfares JetAbroad and find a package that suits your budget.

Once you reach Venice, you will be delighted to find excellent bed and breakfast here to stay. Staying at modern hotels will not do justice to a romantic and traditional city like Venice. Instead, a cosy and personalised bed and breakfast should be able to get you in the “Venice state of mind.”

The city is filled with museums and other tourist attractions, some of which are:

• Doge’s Palace
Located on St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace is one of the most awe-inspiring buildings in Venice and certainly worth a tour. The palace used to be the judicial and political centre of the government of Venice till 1797. The palace is remembered by its famous “Bridge of Sighs” which had once connected the building to its prisons.
• Saint Mark’s Basilica
Basilica de San Marco is an absolutely gorgeous monument, chiefly known because of its rich history and the magnificent façade and interior. Essentially, the church is a grand work of art created by great European and Italian artists throughout the century.
• Saint Mark’s Square
Last but not the least, Piazza San Marco is the main city centre surrounded by fancy shops and cafes. Although a little pricey, you will certainly enjoy sitting at one of the outdoor tables at cafes. As the evening approaches, you get to enjoy some live music as well. At this hour, taking a stroll in the piazza may become your favourite part of the holiday that you will cherish for a long time. Don't forget to take photos at Saint Mark’s Square.

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