6 Must-Try Cuisines From Around The World

By | 09/15/2019

Who doesn’t love food? Especially when you travel. It is not just an adventure for you, but also your pallets. For some, food is the primary reason for travel.

It’s amazing how every country can be totally different in its food choices. While India is a flagbearer of vegetarian dishes, Americans love a good and juicy hamburger. It can be difficult to choose what to try in a foreign country.  But if you do see yourself as an epicure, I’ve got a list of cuisines for you to try from around the world.

Canada- Poutine

Poutine translates to ‘mess’ in Quebec French. Let me tell you why.  

This Canadian snack looks like a literal mess made up of french fries, curd and gravy. While it may not have the best appearance, its taste is definitely incredible. 

Poutine is known to have originated in Quebec in 1957. It started as a lower class food and has since evolved as a dish that is loved nationwide. Though its origin is Canadian, you can always find ways to make it better. Ask for a topping of veggies like mushrooms and onions or go for some crispy smoked bacon. If you ever visit Canada, do not forget to try this delicious snack. 

India- Lal Mass

You may know India as a vegetarian land. But have you tried their non-vegetarian cuisines?  If not, try Laal Maas which is a traditional Rajasthani dish. Now, ‘Laal Maas’ translates to red meat. So yes, one of the main ingredients of this dish is red meat, specifically, mutton. Also, red is a characteristic color of this dish which is attained by cooking it in chilies. So Laal Maas can be very hot in taste. It is traditionally accompanied by Bajra Roti or white rice. This cuisine is not for the faint-hearted. But, if you can endure it, Laal Maas can be very delicious.

Japan- Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese snack that is loved by the locals. This savory snack will refresh your taste buds. Okonomiyaki is typically a pan-fried batter consisting of cabbage. But what if you don’t like cabbage?  Well, you can choose your own toppings. ‘Okonomi’ translates to ‘ what you like’. You can decide what you like and create your own Okonomiyaki. In places where Okonomiyaki is served, you are provided with all the ingredients and an iron griddle built into the table. This gives you the liberty to experiment with different toppings like meat, cheese, fish etc.

South Korea- Kimchi 

If you know a South Korean, you know how much they love their Kimchi. Traditionally Kimchi is made from vegetables, some salt and pepper. Basically, it is pickled vegetables. Most common Kimchi’s are made of cabbage, radish and cucumber. It has more than 100 recipes! So you know it is very popular. It can be preserved for months and is preferred during winters. Koreans can consume Kimchi with everything. But, generally, it is enjoyed with some ramen. In addition to its flavourful, Kimchi is also known to be very nutritious. It is a source of fiber, minerals and gut-friendly bacteria- Lactobacillus.

Sri Lanka- Sour Fish Curry

A classic among Sri Lankan cuisines is Sour fish curry, locally known as Ambulthiyal. One thing that you can expect from Sri Lanka is fresh seafood. Sour fish curry is a combination of finely cut fish (any kind) and a blend of condiments mainly black pepper, salt and turmeric. Now, its sour taste is a result of dried goraka (a type of fruit) which is added along with other ingredients. Cooking is completed by adding water and reducing the curry to a dry texture. It is one of the favorite recipes of locals and is best enjoyed with white rice. 

Thailand- Som Tum

Som Tum is a relished Thai street food found all across the country. The best part? It is a salad. So yes, it is a perfect combination of nutrition and taste. It is made of thinly sliced green papaya, Thai chilies, dried shrimp, palm sugar, fish sauce, tomatoes, garlic, green beans and peanuts topped by a sprinkle of lime juice. You must have some spice tolerance before feeding your appetite to Som Tum. 

And there you have it. A list of some of the most popular cuisines around the world. So next time you visit one of these countries, you know where to begin and what to eat. 

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