Are You Getting the CBD You Paid For?

By | 03/12/2021

The FDA began regulating CBD products as soon as the trend skyrocketed, with the market aiming to achieve gigantic profits. 

It looked like all was well in the CBD la la land until, of course, the industry met its biggest critique – the Food and Drug Administration. 

The authorities started testing CBD products for the claims made by some of the companies. And to their dismay, a horror was revealed. 

Not only were these products sold illegally, but the companies also violated the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). 

So, everything went downhill from there, and suddenly America’s love for CBD products came under the radar of suspicion. 

To be honest, blaming the CBD industry for the misdeeds of companies trying to make a quick buck would be entirely wrong. 

It’s the fault of some companies who either mislabel their products or sell them over the counter without legal approval. 

And the big question is how to find a legit CBD product amidst all this chaos? 

The answer is divided into different steps below. Read on to find out whether you’re getting the exact CBD you paid for or not.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommendation For Products

Purchase From Trustworthy Sources

Your first step to getting the best CBD products must be researched. 

If you’re wondering, why research? 

Well, it’s no rocket science, the cannabis market is new, but some companies will try and beguile you by selling fancy products. 

Unfortunately, all that shines is not gold. So, you have to pay attention, conduct thorough research about cannabis companies, and then read the CBD label on the product. 

However, the trick here is to find a trustworthy source first. And by that, we do not mean your nearest gas station or a convenience store. 

You have to seek a manufacturer’s website or a state-licensed dispensary. They shelve top-quality products delivering the CBD promised on the label. 

Look for Third-Party Lab Reports

There are several manufacturers out there. 

In other words, the web is filled with websites that sell CBD products. 

Your task is to find the ones that provide a third-party lab report. 

A lab report will allow you to understand the concentration of cannabinoids your product contains. 

For instance:

THC: 0.1%

CBD: 5%

So on and so forth. 

Once you get the gist of a third-party lab report, you can easily order the product from the concerned company. 

Also, make sure that you choose one that contains the exact amount of CBD as supervised by a NY medical marijuana doctor or physician residing in your state. 

Buy CBD from A trusted Source

Packaging Matters

Check the packaging design. Does it look like a fancy one or something you would get from a medicine store? If your answer is a decorated design with a classy look, you are most likely to fall into a trap. 

So, avoid anything that has rainbow colors, leaves, or nature. More vitally, choose packaging that has a detailed ingredient list at the back or bottom with a simple look. 

You see, most of your CBD products will look like the vitamin pills you get from the pharmacy. And these products will positively deliver the CBD your body needs. 

If you’re not sure about the source, we suggest that you first get a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor and then head to a nearby state-licensed dispensary. 

Never Purchase Cheap CBD 

I think this one’s a given. If you’re getting cheap CBD, it clearly means that your CBD is adulterated. 

In addition to this, a little common sense goes a long way because companies sell medical cannabis for a considerably high price. 

They know the process of drying and extraction will cost them a fortune and using nanotechnology will further burden the bank balance. 

So, those looking to save a few bucks might get no CBD at all. 

In fact, patients actually trying to save some money must get a card from a medical marijuana doctor. 

It is one of the legit and easiest ways to save some money. 

Luckily, there are many registered and licensed doctors out there. 

For example, NY medical marihuana doctors provide recommendations to patients with a qualifying condition, and it helps them save a few dollars every year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Save money the right way, and better your health with CBD.