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As the COVID-19 continues to lock us into our homes, staying inside four walls is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. With lack of options, keeping yourself entertained is not easy. Thank God we have the internet. One of the great ways to alleviate your social isolation is staying connected with your friends and families. And there are some great applications that will help you with that. Yes, being confined to your homes will inevitably spur a widespread uncertainty and loneliness.  So, here are some applications for your mobile or PC that could help you live through the quarantine days. 


One thing that we majorly miss when locked inside our houses is chilling with our friends and colleagues. There are several applications online that can help you stay in touch with them using free chats and calls but that is not it. The best times are spent not on chats but when you actually hangout with them. Now, that you can’t do that, the closest experience you can get to that is a video call. Where Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts are great applications for that, Houseparty is one that I believe is the best. It lets you connect to eight people at a single time. Moreover, you also get alerts whenever your friend is using the app. You may join their conversations, have a casual video chat and can even play some mini-games through the application.  The application never lets you get bored. A definite essential on your mobile right now. 


Any gamers? Well, if you are even slightly inclined towards gaming, you would love valorant. It is a PC game that will keep you entertained through this whole quarantine. Yes, time flies when you are killing enemies with headshots. This 5v5 first player shooter is one of the most popular games in the market right now. You can play with your friends and just never*- get bored. CS and Overwatch fans might find some clear similarities but I feel, Valorant takes the best part of both these games and combines them. It has a ranking system so if in case you want to increase your rank, you can also choose to get valorant boosting. Believe me, Valorant will not disappoint you. It’s exciting gameplay will keep you entertained for long hours. Although I won’t suggest you sit in front of your PC all day, it is a great way to spend some time of your day that you usually spend lazing around getting bored. 

Netflix Party

You may be just living in a bubble if you haven’t ever heard of Netflix. Anyways it is an online streaming platform that has a variety of shows for you to binge watch during quarantine. Although, sitting in front of your digital device and watching movies or TV series may feel interesting for a while, that feeling does fade away leaving you lonely and unhappy. No, I am not making it more dramatic! Netflix Party is a great solution. It is a free application on Google chrome that helps synchronize the consumption of Netflix content on different accounts and computers. That essentially means you can watch your favorite movies and shows together simultaneously with your friends. It also has a chat feature that allows you to converse with your friends while the movie or TV series is playing. Great, right? The app has reported surge especially during the lockdown and thousands of people have installed the applications. So, it doesn’t matter if you cannot physically hang out with your friends anymore, use Netflix Party and binge watch your favorite movies or shows together. It is my personal favorite application to download during quarantine. Don’t miss out on this one. 

Nike Training Club

The COVID-19 pandemic has actually changed the way people use their smartphones and consume applications. The lockdown is somewhat even revolutionizing the internet use as it strives to involve the element of socialization for most of us. In addition to that, during the pandemic, keeping yourself healthy and energetic is necessary. Yes, engaging in free workouts through streaming applications with your friends can help you get rid of isolation while keeping you fit and healthy. Interesting, right? Nike Training Club does just that. It is a wellness application that is available to both iOS and Android users. It brings about 200 workouts. You may choose which type of training you wish to have that day, and get on with it. The app promises to replace face-to-face trainers and I believe it is somewhat successful in doing so. The application also includes creating a personalized workout for you. It is definitely one of the best fitness applications that you can find on your mobile phones right now. With a great user interface and intuitive layout, creating workouts according to your preferences is quite simple and convenient. Moreover, it has the talk to you feature which is just the icing on the cake. 

Los Angeles is an amazing place. And if you are a foodie who is also a fan of cannabis, for you L.A. can be just like heaven. It is probably the best place if you are looking to get legal cannabis. You can buy both medical and recreational cannabis from any legal dispensary. But, to buy medical cannabis, you would need a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is also home to many amazing restaurants that offer delicious and inexpensive snacks. These snacks can be perfect to calm down your munchies after you get stoned. So, here are some of the best places to eat in Los Angeles after getting high.

Nickel Diner

524 S. Main St., DTLA; 213-623-8301

If there’s a phrase that can define this place, it would be “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. Nickel Diner offers a portion of hearty comfort food that includes beef stew and catfish along with corn cakes. This downtown place has a laid-back atmosphere that will keep you at ease and serves you with amazing flavors. After you have finished your happiness and comfort meal, the dessert tray will come. Probably the best thing for the night. Pop-tarts, Ding Dongs and ice cream sandwiches will definitely make you go crazy for them. You can also have a bacon doughnut there. Overall, a fantastic place for a comfort meal and out of the world sweet eats.

El Atacor

3520 N Figueroa St. Ste 4., Highland Park; 323-832-9263

Atacor burrito can be as long as the measurement of your knuckles to your elbow. El Atacor is the best place for you in the night after getting high. Try something from their collection of ten Tacos de Papa to straighten up yourself. The best about El Atacor is that it is cheap, loosely decorated with arcade games and taxidermy, and open till very late. It is a hotspot for stoners and drunks alike on the Highland Park.

5. Pizza of Venice

2545 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Altadena; 626-765-9636

Clearly a place for pizza lovers. And well, while you are stoned, this is the best place for you to get some tasty pizzas. The toppings can go to the range from “expected” to “off the wall”. Off the wall will offer you Korean-fried chicken pizza, or braised lamb with rosemary pesto and grape leaves. And whether you are stoned or not, this will taste delicious anyway. Add some reggae music, and you are all set for an amazing experience.

6. 25 Degrees

7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; 323-785-7244

Los Angeles can offer you anything related to cannabis and food. So, if you are looking for a special burger and a Guinness milkshake, 25 Degrees is for you. While people think that stoners are not classy, and don’t have much sense of taste, there are some of us who look for the finest food. Like a burger. At 25 Degrees, you will find that. One of the best you will find at this place is Half Half. With this order, you will be served with a half order of onion rings and a half order of fries along with your burger. But, don’t get misled by the name, the portions are more than enough to make your stomach full.

Final Words

These are some of the most amazing places to find some snacks and calm your munchies down while you are high. Try any of them or maybe all of them if you can. But you surely will be satisfied with the food. Los Angeles can be a magical place for both a foodie and a stoner, if you are a foodie stoner, you know where to go. 

Who doesn’t love food? Especially when you travel. It is not just an adventure for you, but also your pallets. For some, food is the primary reason for travel.

It’s amazing how every country can be totally different in its food choices. While India is a flagbearer of vegetarian dishes, Americans love a good and juicy hamburger. It can be difficult to choose what to try in a foreign country.  But if you do see yourself as an epicure, I’ve got a list of cuisines for you to try from around the world.

Canada- Poutine

Poutine translates to ‘mess’ in Quebec French. Let me tell you why.  

This Canadian snack looks like a literal mess made up of french fries, curd and gravy. While it may not have the best appearance, its taste is definitely incredible. 

Poutine is known to have originated in Quebec in 1957. It started as a lower class food and has since evolved as a dish that is loved nationwide. Though its origin is Canadian, you can always find ways to make it better. Ask for a topping of veggies like mushrooms and onions or go for some crispy smoked bacon. If you ever visit Canada, do not forget to try this delicious snack. 

India- Lal Mass

You may know India as a vegetarian land. But have you tried their non-vegetarian cuisines?  If not, try Laal Maas which is a traditional Rajasthani dish. Now, ‘Laal Maas’ translates to red meat. So yes, one of the main ingredients of this dish is red meat, specifically, mutton. Also, red is a characteristic color of this dish which is attained by cooking it in chilies. So Laal Maas can be very hot in taste. It is traditionally accompanied by Bajra Roti or white rice. This cuisine is not for the faint-hearted. But, if you can endure it, Laal Maas can be very delicious.

Japan- Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese snack that is loved by the locals. This savory snack will refresh your taste buds. Okonomiyaki is typically a pan-fried batter consisting of cabbage. But what if you don’t like cabbage?  Well, you can choose your own toppings. ‘Okonomi’ translates to ‘ what you like’. You can decide what you like and create your own Okonomiyaki. In places where Okonomiyaki is served, you are provided with all the ingredients and an iron griddle built into the table. This gives you the liberty to experiment with different toppings like meat, cheese, fish etc.

South Korea- Kimchi 

If you know a South Korean, you know how much they love their Kimchi. Traditionally Kimchi is made from vegetables, some salt and pepper. Basically, it is pickled vegetables. Most common Kimchi’s are made of cabbage, radish and cucumber. It has more than 100 recipes! So you know it is very popular. It can be preserved for months and is preferred during winters. Koreans can consume Kimchi with everything. But, generally, it is enjoyed with some ramen. In addition to its flavourful, Kimchi is also known to be very nutritious. It is a source of fiber, minerals and gut-friendly bacteria- Lactobacillus.

Sri Lanka- Sour Fish Curry

A classic among Sri Lankan cuisines is Sour fish curry, locally known as Ambulthiyal. One thing that you can expect from Sri Lanka is fresh seafood. Sour fish curry is a combination of finely cut fish (any kind) and a blend of condiments mainly black pepper, salt and turmeric. Now, its sour taste is a result of dried goraka (a type of fruit) which is added along with other ingredients. Cooking is completed by adding water and reducing the curry to a dry texture. It is one of the favorite recipes of locals and is best enjoyed with white rice. 

Thailand- Som Tum

Som Tum is a relished Thai street food found all across the country. The best part? It is a salad. So yes, it is a perfect combination of nutrition and taste. It is made of thinly sliced green papaya, Thai chilies, dried shrimp, palm sugar, fish sauce, tomatoes, garlic, green beans and peanuts topped by a sprinkle of lime juice. You must have some spice tolerance before feeding your appetite to Som Tum. 

And there you have it. A list of some of the most popular cuisines around the world. So next time you visit one of these countries, you know where to begin and what to eat. 

Love traveling? Me too.

Not able to make time to travel? Ditto again.

Some people are just not made to sit for 8 hours behind a computer screen doing that boring work. Some people are just not right for that. They love traveling. And being stuck in a cubicle feels like being in prison to them. If you are also one of those poor souls, I get you, my friend.

But fellas, I have a question for you. Instead of working 8 hours every day in a job where you might or might not get to travel once or twice a year, why don’t you get a job that pays you for traveling?

I am not kidding guys. You can really get paid to travel. Just set your foot in the correct job, and explore the world out there while earning and making your career. 

And if you don’t know any such jobs, I am here to help you out. 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite awesome jobs that can pay your bills when you are traveling the world.

Educate the World: Become a Tour Guide

It’s actually very easy to become a tour guide provided you have been to the country before or are currently living there. Also, you gotta be passionate about it. If you think you have the qualities and skills, just look for the companies and apply them. In fact, lots of companies, all over the world, are always on a search for awesome tour guides. And many of them also provide on-job training.

Won’t you love getting paid to spend your time with all those cool people, educating them about the awesome world that we live in? Who wouldn’t? So, why wait? Go and find your perfect Tour guide job, now.

Lights, Camera, Action: Become a TV/Movies extra

All of us, at some point in our life, have dreamt of becoming a T.V. or movie star. And why not? All the travel, shootings at the exotic locations, and getting paid for doing all this, that’s the dream. 

But all this can be done by becoming an extra also. 

I mean, sure, you won’t be sharing the screen with Robert Downy, Jr. anytime soon. But being an extra also has its perks. You can travel the world all expenses paid, you will get good meals and decent pay, and who knows, you might get to be on the big screen. What more one can expect? 

So, keep looking for casting calls for the extras, and if you get one, just grab it.

Tell your Travel Stories: Become a Travel Blogger/Vlogger

Do you like sharing your experiences with people? Can you mesmerize your audience with your stories? If so, then give it a kick start now. Set up your blog or a video channel, decide what’s your niche, and enter the world of the internet. Build your audience, make people engage with your work, provide some quality content. And if your work is good, lots of businesses will be dying to work with you and pay you well.

Becoming a blogger/vlogger and sharing your travel adventures with the world, what’s better than that? So, pick up your bags, and start building your stories.

Make the World Better: Become an International Aid Worker

This job can help you travel and also make a real difference in people’s lives. In this job, you’ll get a chance to travel to many struggling countries, and help the residents tackle many difficult situations like flood or famine. You’ll be making the world a better place to live.

If you are considering taking up this job, you may apply for one with an international aid organization like USAID. Also, you need a background in healthcare or education, and a zeal to help the people in need.

Get, Set, Fly: Become a Flight Attendant

This is not only one of the most popular jobs among travel enthusiasts, but also one of the most easily accessible one. You do not need any specialization to become a flight attendant. Just a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration and some prior customer service experience will do the trick.

You should note that the work hours here can be a little longer, and the work can be hectic. But it’s not a big problem when you are getting to travel hundreds of cities all over the world. Also, discounted flight tickets for you and your family is a nice add on.

There are many more awesome jobs like these. You just need to be on your toes to find one. Great opportunities are always there. Just take a step forward.

Happy Traveling!