Awesome Jobs that Pay You to Travel

By | 05/14/2019

Love traveling? Me too.

Not able to make time to travel? Ditto again.

Some people are just not made to sit for 8 hours behind a computer screen doing that boring work. Some people are just not right for that. They love traveling. And being stuck in a cubicle feels like being in prison to them. If you are also one of those poor souls, I get you, my friend.

But fellas, I have a question for you. Instead of working 8 hours every day in a job where you might or might not get to travel once or twice a year, why don’t you get a job that pays you for traveling?

I am not kidding guys. You can really get paid to travel. Just set your foot in the correct job, and explore the world out there while earning and making your career. 

And if you don’t know any such jobs, I am here to help you out. 

Here’s a list of some of my favorite awesome jobs that can pay your bills when you are traveling the world.

Educate the World: Become a Tour Guide

It’s actually very easy to become a tour guide provided you have been to the country before or are currently living there. Also, you gotta be passionate about it. If you think you have the qualities and skills, just look for the companies and apply them. In fact, lots of companies, all over the world, are always on a search for awesome tour guides. And many of them also provide on-job training.

Won’t you love getting paid to spend your time with all those cool people, educating them about the awesome world that we live in? Who wouldn’t? So, why wait? Go and find your perfect Tour guide job, now.

Lights, Camera, Action: Become a TV/Movies extra

All of us, at some point in our life, have dreamt of becoming a T.V. or movie star. And why not? All the travel, shootings at the exotic locations, and getting paid for doing all this, that’s the dream. 

But all this can be done by becoming an extra also. 

I mean, sure, you won’t be sharing the screen with Robert Downy, Jr. anytime soon. But being an extra also has its perks. You can travel the world all expenses paid, you will get good meals and decent pay, and who knows, you might get to be on the big screen. What more one can expect? 

So, keep looking for casting calls for the extras, and if you get one, just grab it.

Tell your Travel Stories: Become a Travel Blogger/Vlogger

Do you like sharing your experiences with people? Can you mesmerize your audience with your stories? If so, then give it a kick start now. Set up your blog or a video channel, decide what’s your niche, and enter the world of the internet. Build your audience, make people engage with your work, provide some quality content. And if your work is good, lots of businesses will be dying to work with you and pay you well.

Becoming a blogger/vlogger and sharing your travel adventures with the world, what’s better than that? So, pick up your bags, and start building your stories.

Make the World Better: Become an International Aid Worker

This job can help you travel and also make a real difference in people’s lives. In this job, you’ll get a chance to travel to many struggling countries, and help the residents tackle many difficult situations like flood or famine. You’ll be making the world a better place to live.

If you are considering taking up this job, you may apply for one with an international aid organization like USAID. Also, you need a background in healthcare or education, and a zeal to help the people in need.

Get, Set, Fly: Become a Flight Attendant

This is not only one of the most popular jobs among travel enthusiasts, but also one of the most easily accessible one. You do not need any specialization to become a flight attendant. Just a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration and some prior customer service experience will do the trick.

You should note that the work hours here can be a little longer, and the work can be hectic. But it’s not a big problem when you are getting to travel hundreds of cities all over the world. Also, discounted flight tickets for you and your family is a nice add on.

There are many more awesome jobs like these. You just need to be on your toes to find one. Great opportunities are always there. Just take a step forward.

Happy Traveling!

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