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Are You Getting the CBD You Paid For?

The FDA began regulating CBD products as soon as the trend skyrocketed, with the market aiming to achieve gigantic profits.  It looked like all was well in the CBD la la land until, of course, the industry met its biggest critique – the Food and Drug Administration.  The authorities started testing CBD products for the… Read More »

6 Immune-Boosting Nutrients Needed During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Does garlic cure or fight coronavirus? Can I immunize myself with “that food”? No doubt coronavirus has brought plenty of uncertainties with it. We are under risk here! Although no particular food can help prevent or cure the coronavirus. However, we can work to boost our immune system and make it stronger. It is difficult… Read More »

The Ultimate Travel Hacks to be a Great Traveler

Traveling is always about creating unforgettable experiences. Most travelers have a high appetite for travel. Honestly, it’s like an addiction. You visited Switzerland in summers and currently planning a visit to Spain? Well, that’s great. Traveling is a great way to make life livable. Without that, life is pretty boring. Even if you’re new to… Read More »

4 Essential Applications to Keep Yourself Entertained During Quarantine

As the COVID-19 continues to lock us into our homes, staying inside four walls is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. With lack of options, keeping yourself entertained is not easy. Thank God we have the internet. One of the great ways to alleviate your social isolation is staying connected with your friends and families.… Read More »