There is no one who doesn’t love eagerly participating in a festival, if not participate then at least admire them from afar. Festivals are important events that are celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor and are a part of the culture of people due to regional, religious or other reasons. This means that an actual event in the past has been the trigger for these events that are celebrated till today. 

Owing to the many reasons that we celebrate festivals for, the concept of celebrating festivals has not and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Since there are so many festivals that are celebrated across the globe, there are some which are weirdly strange. Let us go through the list of top 5 strangest festivals around the world. 

Camping in the wild can be a thrilling experience. Staying amidst nature and far from the bustle of the modern world. But wild camping is not like taking a walk in the park. 

Camping in itself requires you to be cautious with certain things. But when you decide to set up your camp in the wild, you must double your caution level. Since you will be living in between raw nature, you will have to live as per its rules. 

So, if you are camping in the wild for the first time, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind. 

A great movie has the charm and the pull in it to transport you from your seat to the scene itself. You can be stranded alone on a deserted island with Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’, or be one of the ‘no-maj’ trying to escape the fearful presence of Grindelwald in New York City. 

Here’s some good news, many famous movie and TV locations are real and you can visit them. Even though you might not actually be a wizard or a desolate survivor trying to stay alive and search for a way back home, you can relive the movie magic yourself. 

Pack your bags and prepare for an adventure straight from the big screen because here are 8 famous movie locations worth adding to your top travel destinations for the year.