The Best Hikes To Experience In The UK

By | 03/12/2020

A word of caution, however, you are still in England. Keeping a tab on the weather reports is always a good idea. Even if it is just for a short walk.

England is dotted with little villages and towns, that normally don???t show up on any kind of itinerary. These are the places that hiking allows you to see. 

Plus England does not have any true wildlife. There are no dangerous animals here unless you count badgers ( they run away on human sightings). A hike will help you relish the hidden gems of this stunning country. 


Somewhere near Keswick is a stunning hike that takes you on a tour of the gorgeous England/Scotland border. This is a relatively short hike that starts and ends at the village of Threlkeld. 

For the trek, you need to follow the Halls Fell Ridge that cuts right through the breathtaking English forests while guiding you to the summit, a spot that has the most breathtaking views of the countryside. 

Even though the hike is short, there are some true technical skills that you require to make the climb. Especially during the final climb, the rocks scrambles and the climb can turn out to be catastrophic if not fatal. 

Hadrians Wall 

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This is probably the best hikes that exist in all of England. This is a moderate 135km trek. This trek starts from Wallsend and goes on till the Bowness-on-Solway. As the name implies the whole trek is along the Hadrian???s wall. This was once a Roman defensive fortification. 

Today, the path along the trail is a treasure trove of experiences. You can visit the ruins of ancient Roman forts. Alternatively,  you can spend a couple of hours at the museums that are spread along the path. If you are not much of a walker then you can still enjoy this path. An option is to get a taxi app UK and travel around with ease and convenience.


There is a  difficult trail that begins in the lake district (also called Cumbria). Just about 14 km in length but is extremely dangerous to even attempt.  The ascent is steep, you need to look out for exposed areas, as well as areas that have dangerous drop-offs on either side of the path. Basically, if you have any form of vertigo, stay off this trail. 

Once you manage to reach the summit you will find yourself next to Striding edge. Here the Dixon memorial is located on one end and a memorial to painter to Charles Gough on the other end. 

After you complete the hike you can make your way to the absolutely breathtaking Another Palace, The Lake- The place where you will want to move in at the end of your hike. 

The Lizard Coastal Walk 

If you are a beach person, then make your way to the southern coast of Cornwall, where you will walk along one of the best beaches in all of England. 

You begin the trek at the Kynance cove and finish there as well. The path runs along a coastal cliff. This path is usually blanketed with a fragrant smell of heather blossoms, you then move along to the Lizard Lighthouse.

At a very short distance from the trail is  Pen Olver, famous for its views of the coastline.  With the views, there is also the added advantage of having plenty of wildlife surrounding you. You might even catch a glimpse of Chough, a type of corvid that was once brought to the brink of extinction due to hunting. 

This place has somewhat of a supernatural vibe, so if you’re into that kind of thing then this is the place to be. 


How can a list be complete without a mention of the walk that will take you to this mysterious prehistoric architectural wonder?  

This is a slightly more crowded place than any of the other entrants on this list. It is a moderately easy 8 km hike. It has a circular path which is not the norm. You also pass the Durrington Walls before you get to the Stonehenge itself.  

Hiking is a very acquired form of physical exercise and exploring the world. But I’m sure after a couple of tries even you would get better. So, do give this a try, otherwise like I mentioned above there are other options to reach the same place.