The Ultimate Travel Hacks to be a Great Traveler

By | 07/07/2020

Traveling is always about creating unforgettable experiences. Most travelers have a high appetite for travel. Honestly, it’s like an addiction. You visited Switzerland in summers and currently planning a visit to Spain? Well, that’s great. Traveling is a great way to make life livable. Without that, life is pretty boring. Even if you’re new to this hobby, there are always ways to make the experience better. I am sure you want to be a great traveler. Don’t worry, the following hacks will make traveling a breeze. 

Use Google maps

No matter where you’re traveling, navigation is important. When you’re at a new place, this app can be a lifesaver and make the difference between a great and a bad trip. Want a good trip? Download Google maps. The company has invested time in making the maps more detailed and accessible for people. Well, don’t worry about the internet connection. You can operate it in offline mode too. There is a way to do that. All you need to do is open your app and search for the area you’re visiting. There is an option that allows you to save the area. In other words, it allows you to save an offline map. Great, isn’t it? 

Roll your clothes while packing

While traveling, the quantity of luggage is a major issue. Ideally, you want to carry as much as possible without comprising comfort.  A heavy luggage bag is something that nobody wants. You should pack stuff that you actually need. Selecting the right clothes can be a challenge while packing. Most travelers tend to pack more to avoid confusion later. If that’s the case with you, there is a specific way to pack your clothes. How do you usually pack? Most people follow the regular approach of folding clothes and stacking them in the bags. There’s a better way to do that. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. You’ll see the difference as it creates more space. So, even if you have more clothes, it won’t be a problem. 

Carry a power bank with you

Gadgets hold an important part in our lives. Smartphones make our life easier. One major struggle while traveling is keeping the stock of charge on phones. If you fail to carry your charger, it can be quite problematic for you. Ideally, you should carry a power bank with you. If you happen to lose the charge, it can ensure your gadgets fully charged. Don’t have a power bank? No issues! Just keep a cable. Most televisions come with a USB connector. You can just plug it in and charge your phone. Simple, isn’t it?

Keep a virtual copy of your passport

Having a physical copy is always an advantage but things can get out of control in no time. If you ever happen to become a victim of theft, having a virtual copy of your passport and other documents can be pretty useful. Just click pictures or scan your documents in advance and save it on your phone. If something goes wrong, at least you’ll have proof of your identity. 

Mark your luggage as fragile

This one is pretty handy. If you want to ensure your bag is absolutely safe, mark your bag of goods as fragile. It will ensure your luggage is handled with care and attention. The airline will be careful and keep your goods at top of the pile. This also means that you will get your luggage first when you arrive at the destination. So, this hack is absolutely worth it. 

Hunt FourSquare for wifi passwords

The FourSquare is pretty useful. It’s a website that has ratings, useful tips, and a list of restaurants, cafes, and stores. If you’re looking for a good place to have lunch, you can just go through the reviews or ratings and select the best place accordingly. It’s not just limited to that, Foursquare offers a platform for users to share tips and other valuable information. In fact, there is a specific tip section that is pretty handy. Don’t be surprised if you find people sharing wifi passwords. If you need access to the internet, you can go on a password hunt on Foursquare and get what you need.

Get Google Translate

When you’re in a foreign country, there will obviously be a language barrier. To counter that, it’s better to be prepared. Download the Google Translate app and be prepared to converse with new people. Well, you won’t have an internet connection everywhere, so it’s better to select the offline option from the settings. This will ensure you have the ability to translate even without the internet connection. 

It’s not hard to be a good traveler. All you need is a plan to travel and some useful hacks. With these tips, you can surely make your traveling experience more enjoyable!