Tips While Traveling With Your Dog

By | 09/11/2020

Can’t stay without your emotional support dog? But wanted to go on a trip. Then why thinking so much about it? Why not take him along with you on your trip?

We all were locked in our homes due to COVID-19, but post lockdown, we can plan a much awaited trip with safety measures. If I were at your place, I surely would have gone for a hiking experience

So, if you are planning something like this, then why not take your dog along with you? Why should he stay with a sitter or at a kennel? And you get worried all the time thinking about him. Take him along with you then. Yes, you read that right! All you need to do is effective planning and a careful preparation. 

Want to know how? Just keep these tips in mind.

The Packing List

Food And Water

Humans can adapt to different food styles but it is actually difficult for dogs to do that. So pack enough food for your dog till the time you’ll be travelling. Do keep it extra for a few days to avoid the delays.  You can also research whether the regular food your dog eats is available at the destination you are moving to. Doing so, will help you in going hassle free. Also take some water bottles along to keep your dog hydrated during the trip. 

Treats And Toys

To make your dog feel comfortable during the trip, it’s good to take treats and toys along. Calming your dog from the stress of a trip with a high value treat is a good idea. Toys are a perfect way of keeping your dog distracted during the trip. You can store the treats in a treat bag like a good dog treat pouch. 

Food And Water Dishes

If you have space in your vehicle or luggage, then do take your dog’s water and food dishes along. Pop-up dishes like Double elevated feeder are good to go if the space is less. You can also try my pet pail for buying an all in one option. 

Sleeping Bed And Blankets

The familiarity and the comfort of his own bed will help your dog in relaxing. Also blankets will help to keep him warm during the whole journey. 

Medicines And Medical Records

Always carry your dog’s vet card and medical records with you. A health certificate is must if you are travelling to another country. Also ensure that you have enough stock of your pet’s medicines. 

Tips For Traveling By Car

Practice Sitting in The Car

Make sure your dog gets accustomed to car rides before going on the actual trip. Start taking them to shorter car rides, eventually increasing the time length, so that they get used to it.

Dog Friendly Area at The Back Seat

Set up a chilling and secure area in the back seat. Fill the seat with his sleeping bed, favourite blankets and his toys. 

Keep Supplies in Front

Avoid keeping the food, water and treats in the trunk. Rather keep them on the front seat so you can easily give it to your dog when required. 

Keep The Car Clean

Long distance travel with your dog can result in a mess. So keep paper towels, pet hair remover and pet cleaning spray with you to clean up any accidents. 

Tips For Traveling By Plane

Fix a Vet Appointment

Before making any travel plans, make sure you check the rules of travelling with a dog, especially in international travel. Ensure that your dog meets all the requirements and is healthy enough to travel. Also check are your dog’s vaccinations up to date?

Find an Airline That is Pet Friendly 

Though most of the airlines are pet friendly but do cross check once by making a call or writing an email beforehand. Also check if you need to pay any additional fees for taking your pet along and the requirements for the size and weight of the dog. 

Select Your Seats Carefully 

Think wisely while selecting your seat if your dog is travelling in the cabin with you. Consider upgrading your seat with extra leg space as your dog will be sitting under your seat. 

Prepare For Check in And Security

You need to arrive at the airport a little earlier than the usual time for checking in at the desk. Also ensure your dog has its collar with tag ID on it and the leash all the time and make him walk through the metal detector along with you for security check. 

Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable

Ensure you board the plane well in time so that you get enough time and space to set your dog with you. Also you won’t be able to take them out during the flight, so keep talking to them and provide them with treats and toys to comfort them.