Top 5 Strange Festivals From Around the World

By | 10/13/2021

There is no one who doesn’t love eagerly participating in a festival, if not participate then at least admire them from afar. Festivals are important events that are celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor and are a part of the culture of people due to regional, religious or other reasons. This means that an actual event in the past has been the trigger for these events that are celebrated till today. 

Owing to the many reasons that we celebrate festivals for, the concept of celebrating festivals has not and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Since there are so many festivals that are celebrated across the globe, there are some which are weirdly strange. Let us go through the list of top 5 strangest festivals around the world. 

The Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

As the name probably suggests, The Boryeong Mud Festival from South Korea is popularly known for being quite, well, muddy. This big party where people enjoy the time of their lives in huge pits filled with mud which is usually imported from Boryeong. The important part of this festival is that the mud is actually good for the skin and hence is the reason for the celebration of this popular but strange festival. People participate in mud wrestling, mud baths, mud fireworks and what not. 

Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival, USA

Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival is a special music festival that is simply wonderful as it is hosted underwater. Quite like the movie Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire where the dragon’s egg could only be heard under the water, the musical notes are heard through underwater speakers. People admire the underwater life of Florida and excitedly participate in this festival by donning crazy, colorful costumes and taking their weird looking musical instruments with them. After enjoying the deep sea dive, if one wants to try out the delta 8 THC cartridges, they can as the whole exercise of going underwater could prove to be a little tiring. 

Tomatina Festival, Spain

Another spectacularly weird but quite fun event is the Tomatina Festival of Spain. Instead of painting the town red with blood isn’t it better to take out all pent up frustrations and aggression by smashing tomatoes? This food fight festival is usually held in the month of August on the last Wednesday in the town of Valencia. Roughly around one hundred thousand metric tons of tomatoes are smashed and thrown around at whoever is the nearest within an hour’s time. To participate in this festival one needs to book the ticket well in advance as this festival only offers about 20,000 entries every year. 

Cows Festival, Switzerland

Moo moo with stunning cows of Switzerland. This wholesome Cows Festival of Switzerland celebrates the cute cows who have been grazing on the stunning highlands of Switzerland all summer. To announce and celebrate the arrival of around 300 cows back to their village, the cows are wonderfully decorated and paraded through the roads. This festival ends at an amazing note where the whole village continues the festivities by enjoying singing, dancing and eating good food. 

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

This truly strange festival is an event where monkeys of Thailand are served with a mouthwatering buffet for lunch. Taking place on November 25, in the province of Lopburi in Thailand, this feast serves anywhere around 1 ton to 3 tons of sausage, fresh fruit and other such delicious dishes. The festival is also popular for hosting plenty of other activities like singing and dancing where people dress like monkeys with monkey costumes and monkey masks. This is hence one of the strangest festivals that one should attend at least once in their lives. 

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